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TRANSITIONS was founded by two DJs who connected through the virtual music community and recognized the need for other DJs and music producers to collaborate in the virtual space. EXEC and Just_Gyll initially started the Discord server to serve this purpose and saw an immediate rise in interest, engagement and support from members of the community to develop something bigger. Soon after, The TRANSITIONS DJ team was created to provide a consistent musical representation of the brand: “Presenting a clear appreciation for technique and musical selection and remaining positive in our local communities, virtually and otherwise, expressing compassion for others and delivering quality tunes with a smile.”

As the TRANSITIONS brand matured, EXEC and Just_Gyll began to provide guidance and support to artists at various stages of their careers in developing their virtual communities and social media presence. TRANSITIONS was quickly recognized by virtual festivals and other industry members as a respected brand for community development, leading to event sponsoring and collaborative efforts with some of the biggest brands in music!

TRANSITIONS is driven by an authentic, professional connection to the artists and creators in the Electronic Dance Music community. As our brand organically evolves, we will remain intentional in fighting on behalf of the artists who’ve put their trust in us.



Andrea K. brings more than 15 years of industry experience to TRANSITIONS. Andrea has seen success as an electronic music producer as well as managing other talented artists. With releases ranging from Techno to Minimal, Andrea is consistent in the development of his craft. Often experimenting with ideas that don’t fall into conventional “genre” criterion, Andrea has devoted himself to Melodic, Deep & Progressive House. As the founder, co-owner and director of prominent labels Running Clouds & Soulscapes, his commitment has truly helped conceptualize the TRANSITIONS sound.

EXEC is a seasoned business professional with over 17 years of experience in the entertainment sphere as a serial entrepreneur. His exceptional work ethic and commitment to strategic goals, direction and objectives has supported his success within highly competitive and rapidly changing markets. He is a proactive tactical planner with the ability to attract and secure strong, long-lasting business relationships with key players.

EXEC’s passion for music runs deep and he’s been a DJ for over 15 years. Never afraid to explore, his powerful musical selections can only be described as “therapeutic” for those listening.

Just_Gyll brings 10 years of experience in Organizational Process Improvement and Training to TRANSITIONS. Gyll’s extraordinary attention to detail and deep-rooted curiosity about the dreams of others has generated an exceptional ability to consistently develop a personal bond with people from various walks of life.

Also a drummer, and classically trained pianist from a young age, Just_Gyll produces a sound that is soulful, melodic, rhythmic and atmospheric, delivering lively DJ sets that demonstrate a clear, intricate passion for artistry and bringing music to life.