We are excited and humbled to welcome the Mixcloud team into the Transitions community!

Founded in 2008, Mixcloud exists to “AMPLIFY CULTURE AND COMMUNITY” by operating a fair, legal streaming service with artists and creators at its core.

The Mixcloud objective is to continue providing products on the platform which are designed to give creators more control over their channel, their fans and their business.

Transitions was created in order to “AMPLIFY THE ART OF DJs AND PRODUCERS”. Therefore, we are pleased to announce a collaborative effort to further develop our culture, communities, products and services with real feedback and input from YOU, the creators.

We have established a dedicated Discord channel for the Mixcloud product team to build a more intimate connection with creators. Within this channel, the Mixcloud team will seek productive feedback from our community in an effort to expand and co-create the Mixcloud LIVE platform to best serve the needs of users. You will be communicating with REAL MEMBERS OF THE MIXCLOUD PRODUCT TEAM, not bots using algorithms, and the communication will be constructive — not spam. We encourage each of you to turn on your notifications so you don’t miss your opportunity to provide valuable input.

Thank you for sharing what you love every day to positively impact this culture and community. We can’t wait to see what MORE we can accomplish together!



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