Progressive House • Techno & Melodic Techno • Tech House • Tech House • Minimal / Deep Tech • Soulful House
A natural born entertainer, mother, visual artist and a 20 year healer, producer, radio host and DJ, makes up LOLO’s life.

LOLO shows that you truly can do it all if you take out one word from the vocabulary, “Impossible.” Music has been a foundation and a medicine for Lolo’s challenging life cycles, but it was always the art of music and visual arts that drew her right back.

She began the LOLO KNOWS brand with the release of her dance music radio podcast, LOLO KNOWS Club Kid Mix Series which can be heard on multiple platforms, showcasing talent from regional world-renowned main stage DJs and producers.

LOLO describes her musical formula as Progressive, Deep, Techno, House, Soul. Her sound is a marriage of all the music she has fallen in love with over the years. “All the music that I am supposed to play, finds me. It’s my own spiritual journey through music. My intention for people I play for, is to feel that love I feel in each one, vibe deep, let go and dance it out.”