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Determined to build the definitive “artists’ label”, EXEC, Just_Gyll and Andrea recognized an understated gap within the music industry that could only be fulfilled by a unique skillset:

Technical DJs +

Talented Producers +

Accomplished Business Professionals = T R A N S I T I O N S

The TRANSITIONS sound is as appropriate for the club as it is for the after-party. The genre-bending, genre-blending label has its sights set on uplifting the underdog and subsequently enticing the “headliners” with a sound that is mature, technical, emotive and consistent.

Like many other labels, TRANSITIONS individually reviews each demo, selecting tracks that align with the brand direction. However, to truly highlight the brand’s core value of ultimately “upgrading, improving and evolving the electronic music industry”, TRANSITIONS provides constructive feedback for some of the submissions which “just miss the mark”, in hopes of building rapport and loyalty for future collaborations.

What sets TRANSITIONS apart from other brands in the industry is the verifiable personal and professional connection to each of their artists. The TRANSITIONS team provides tangible support and promotion from inception to release, with a willingness to financially and exhaustively contribute to the success of each artist that commissions the brand’s expertise.

We are currently accepting submissions…

Please email a private Soundcloud link with download activated to